Friday, October 23, 2009's been a minute.

I've been dealing with a number of issues in the last few months, most notably, I was in a bike accident in early August. August 9th to be exact. Broke my left elbow and right wrist as well as busted my chin. The bike, well the bike is out of commission. The fork is definitely bent, but I've since then bought a new bike (new to me that is) since I can ride now albeit a bit uncomfortably. It's an SE Premium Brew frame, and still needs some work, but if I had to, it is ride-able. Shortly after getting my second cast removed, I came down with the flu, and still to this day am fighting this nagging cough that is driving me crazy. During that whole time, I basically had no energy or will to do much more than veg out on the couch or drink with the homies. But enough about me! It's gloomy outside, but it's not gonna bring me down as there are a few nice art-related events going down this weekend.

However, First things first. Chicago Police Detective Joseph Frugoli, after being involved in several DUI cases already, once again got behind the wheel of his Lexus with a blood-alcohol level 3x the legal limit, and plowed into a broken-down car that was parked on the side of the Dan Ryan. That car immediately went into flames and killed both Andrew Cazares and Fausto Manzera ages 23 and 21 respectively who were sitting in the pulled-over vehicle. To make matters worse, Frugoli was found by police fleeing the scene. He was arrested, and later released on a $500,000 bond. The reason I bring this story up again is because Frugoli's police pals have organized a fundraiser for him to be held this evening at the Fraternal Order of Police headquarters at 1412 W. Washington Blvd. It infuriates me that a piece of shit like this can not only get released from jail, but that his police pals are hosting a fundraiser in his honor. Care to support a shameful cause and slap the faces of every family member and friend of the two young men he killed, then by all means hurry your slimey self to this event, but I assure you there will also be a protest by those seeking actual justice.

Now, back to happy thoughts. FACT is one of Chicago's profound graffiti writers and now he's inviting you all to see what he does on a fine art tip. It's tonight at the Novem Store on Ashland. It should be interesting.

Who doesn't like documentaries? Mark Rosengren is presenting I Write on Stuff tonight at the Silver Room in Wicker Park. The documentary covers some of Chicago's graffiti writers which can always make for good entertainment. The list includes some stand-out names, so I'm expecting a good show here.

Saturday at Oh No! Doom will be the last show at their current location before they move into Bucktown. Curated by Phoneticontrol, this show includes an impressive list of Chicago artists who are all interpreting the same 3D model designed by Phoneticontrol. I love the concept. I've seen Artillery's piece already, and let me tell ya, this is gonna be a good show, and there'll be a lot of good people in attendance. Come out and send the Oh No! Doom collective on to their new digs with style.

Finally, another favorite Chicago artist of mine, Mr. Jason Brammer is opening up a solo show Fragments From the Future Saturday evening at April 7s in Ukranian Village. He never disappoints me. He and his wife, Erin are super people, so please support them and see what he's been up to as of late.