Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Things to do this Weekend, 5.1-3.09

DUDE!! It's a big weekend for artist's and art enthusiast's!

I attended Artropolis last year, and let me tell you, this event is enormous. You know of the Merch Mart downtown, right? It's huge, right? well, imagine an art show taking up almost half that building! Luckily, it's open for the entire weekend as I only had the chance to go through one level at my own pace, and another level road runner-style. There's gonna be something here for everyone, so I urge you to stop by. Basically, there will be three levels. One level titled Art Chicago gathers emerging and established galleries of contemporary and modern art from around the world to display their collections. This was the level I was rushed through, and am hoping I get more time to check things out. The level I'm least excited about however (sorry! but it's true), is the International Antiques Fair. Umm, yeah, antiques. But the level I'm most excited about is titled Next. Here you'll get to see, in my opinion, the most exciting, cutting-edge work in contemporary art from both new and established artists.

I always intend on stopping by Caffe Baci on Wacker when they have a show opening, but for some reason, it never happens. AK Events consists of Allison Glenn and REVISE CMW. They curate the shows at Caffe Baci, always opening at 6p on Friday's (about once a month), which is a great reason to head downtown and get your evening started off properly. Complimentary wine from 6-7, DJ Genghis Won on the wheels of steel, and art!

So, I've always had an admiration for Martha Cooper (and Henry Chalfant) thanks to their passion for photographing New York's subway art movement in it's earliest of stages, and still standing strong. Martha released a new book recently titled Going Postal that documents the USPS label craze seen on the streets of probably every city known to man. In addition to that, Martha and Henry's Subway Art book celebrated it's 25th anniversary since it's release. To celebrate, they're releasing a special Subway Art anniversary edition (mentioned a couple posts down). Even better for Chicago, Novem and Upset are bringing Martha to the Novem Store Friday night. Get a chance to kick it with a legendary photographer, maybe even a chance to chat with her, along with a display of hand-drawn stickers from over 70 artists selling for only $5 a piece. Admittedly, I'm a little skeptical of the location for this, because I would imagine this will attract a good-size crowd, and The Novem Store...well, it's not that large. However, to help that situation, just a few doors down, Frank Serpico will have an installation on display as well as slinging his magazine Making Deals all in conjunction with the Martha Cooper book signing. Wow!

Rotofugi's bringing Ken Keirns and Scott Tolleson to Chi-Town for their Common Nonsense show. I still remember the show Ken had at Rotofugi last year. I love his work, and am extremely excited to see his new work. You should be too.

Something I didn't know until now, May is National Cancer Research Month. In conjunction with that is Paint the Town Blue! Some friends are listed on the flyer as contributing artists, and there's more still, just not listed. All proceeds benefit Cancer-Sucks and The American Cancer Society. Check it out!

A few weeks ago, the art community was hit hard after news spread about the loss of AFROE 42, EVOL and KOOL KEP. The fine folks at Upset have organized a wonderful silent art auction where all money raised will be split amongst the families of these three individuals. It includes a great lineup of artists, but for an even greater cause. Please try to make it out for this event, and show love and support for the family and friends of Fausto, Andrew and Nazon.

I have wanted to see a Matthew Sharp show for some time now. I really dig his characters. Both he and Toby Stanger have a show opening Saturday at Revolution Tattoo. The flyer mentions Kuma's as caterer which makes my heart skip a beat, but then I think back at their valentine's show that promoted Three Floyd's brewery as sponsors. The only beer I saw at that show was a case of Schlitz in the fridge, so I'm not holding my breath for Kuma's at this point. That's all irrelevant however. I mean, c'mon, it's about the art baby!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Subway Art

This year marks the 25th year since it's release. To celebrate, they're releasing a special Anniversary edition. The best part for me? Martha Cooper's coming to Chicago next week!! I'll mention that again at a closer date...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Things to do this Weekend, 4.17-19.09

It's The Version Festival User-Directed Super Raffle and V-Bay Buy-it-Now Art Auction!

Donate at the door and get raffle tickets ($5 for 2 tickets/ $10 for 5 tickets) Put tickets in the cups underneath the items you want (art, objects, dates, services.) At 11:30pm, a winner will be drawn from each cup. You must be present when your ticket is drawn, or another winner will be chosen.

Or, if you really must have it, pull the ticket with the "BUY IT NOW" price, bring it to the Reception desk and pay cash (or check) on the spot.

Going down at Chicago Country Club tonight from 7p - midnight.
1100 N. Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

The Guys at Oh No! Doom are bringing The Every Day Club in for a show Saturday from 6p - 10p. The description is fairly vague, but sounds interesting.

Here's a fun event going down Sunday afternoon. A swap meet! Bring your records and your art, and trade with others in attendance. There may be more events like this in the future if the economy keeps up like it has, but if I'm wrong, wait... nevermind that; regardless, you should check this out. what else are you gonna be doing on a Sunday afternoon?!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

TONIGHT: Bits + Pieces

Peep this cartel show. It's not being advertised as one, but everyone listed is part of cartel, a group I have a lot of respect for (which is why their linked from this blog!). It's at New Wave Coffee in Logan Square. For a coffee house, this place looks huge. They have two entrances, the one mentioned on this flyer, and an entrance on Logan Blvd. where the farmers market sets up in the summer time. The weather's beautiful today, so stop by, and support these dudes.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Officially Unofficial

Officially Unofficial - Inspired Art for Obama Exhibition from rebexa on Vimeo.

I'm a little late on this one. It opened April 1, but luckily it's up through the month of May. If you haven't seen enough Obama art during the presidential campaign or if you want to see work up close by artists such as
Shepard Fairey, The Date Farmers, Ron English, and many many others, then I would advise you to visit the Chicago Tourism Center at 72 E. Randolph to take in the Officially Unofficial exhibition. The President's campaign brought out the best design and art I've seen to date for any political campaign. Here's your chance to really appreciate it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Things to do this Weekend, 4.3-4.09

Nicole Gordon opens her exhibition at the Linda Warren Gallery Friday called SALIGIA. I love the colors in the above piece. The idea behind this show is interesting too. From the gallery's web site: Her exhibition depicts the ways in which the seven deadly sins have driven mankind to forsake the environment. Each piece explores consumer demand for excess and industry’s willingness to supply it, often despite negative consequences on the natural world.

The title of this next show ought to get some peoples' attention. Sandra Bermudez opens her exhibition at the Kasia Kay Art Projects Gallery Friday titled The Happy Pussy and Other Endings. They call Sandra's style feminist pop art, and yes, she's referring to that pussy. By the descriptions of her works for this exhibit, it's gonna be an orgy of sculptures, prints, etchings and more!

Also at Kaisa Kay Art Projects Gallery, will be Daniel Bruttig debuting some new paintings in The Project Room.

Saturday night brings Cut & Paste back to Chicago at the Congress Theatre. This is a design competition that tours through several cities finding the best graphic and motion designers and illustrators. Because it's based on a time-limit, I'm told not to expect anything mind-blowing, but it should be fun to watch. I don't know exactly what to expect with this event, as I've never attended one before, but I understand there's a DJ and drinks to accompany the competition at hand. Also a good place to meet like-minded people if you're into this sorta thing.