Monday, June 20, 2011

Join Me

flyer design by yours truly. holla at ya boy.

A couple months back, Won approached Low Dive about brewing a beer for an event a little different than the brew-b-q's we've worked together on last year. I think once Won experienced a Thirst Fursday, he wanted to organize something similar. If you've never been to a Thirst Fursday, it all boils down to the Goose Island brewpub in Lincoln Park opening a room for beer fans to bring bottles from their personal collection, their home brew or even whatever you can find in your local shops cooler. Pretty simple, but Won decided to approach it a bit differently and expand. Everyone's invited, and encouraged to bring bottles just like Thirst Fursday. However, he invited some of his home brewing friends to feature some of their beer while he prepares and serves food. And if that's not enough, Michael Andersen will be serving Angel's Envy from 2-5p. So, essentially he kicked the concept up a notch. Hopefully you can join us at Chicago Urban Art Society Saturday.