Friday, January 24, 2014

The Next Chapter in Brewing

We're amidst a new year. Looking back at the second half of 2013, Matt and I had almost 30 different beers added to our portfolio. During that time, we experimented with different malt, different hops, different yeasts and even different techniques. We picked up momentum, and are now on pace for what promises to be an exciting 2014. It's for that reason a new brand, a new beginning, seems appropriate as we gear up for the next chapter in brewing with a renewed vision. With over a hundred beers brewed and thousands of others sampled, our vision looking ahead has never been more clear. We respect tradition as much as we respect pushing the boundaries. Our admiration for the history of farmhouse brewing and spontaneous fermentation has molded us into brewers with an adventurous side. All the while, our passion for clean, traditional styles that have survived the test of time, keep us in check. We want to challenge and be challenged, all while maintaining the utmost respect for beer's history.

With that said, we announce Kimbell Brewing. Matt and I are once again working on a brewery venture. While we're very much aware of the booming Chicago market, we know we have something special to offer. From this day forward, Kimbell Brewing will work diligently to craft our beer with integrity. The brand is in development, but what's more important to us right now is brewing efficiently with audacity, while meeting our community and gaining support. The branding—something I value greatly—has been in rush-mode for the last two weeks in an effort to meet our self-imposed deadline tomorrow for the Brew HaHa. After the event, we'll let the dust settle for a moment, then pick back up, tweaking and polishing as we dig deeper into the meaning of it all.

So if you know Matt and I, and have enjoyed our beers in the last several years, we hope you continue following our progress, and remain excited for things to come. I know we are.