Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Just a lil friendly reminder that I'll be at the Beetle this evening from 6-10 drinking Alpha King's and probably eating an Elvis burger (fried plantains and peanut butter) at the bar. I have about 30 framed photographs up for sale in addition to a few screenprinted and painted pieces. I'd love to meet or see ya, but if not tonight, again, my work will be hanging there til mid-October.


Friday, September 17, 2010


I'm gonna start things off with a lil bit-a-self promoting. I took advantage of an opportunity to display some new work at the Beetle (2532 W Chicago). All the work is already hung in fact. I'll be in attendance Wednesday night from 6-10, so I hope you all can either make it out sometime before October 15 when my work comes down or even better, next Wednesday so we can rap. Most of my work this time around consists of photos, but I did manage to throw in a few additional [non-photographic] pieces for good measure.

Rotofugi moved into their new digs recently up in the Lakeview/Lincoln Park area. They've already had a show there in fact, a couple weeks ago that I missed. And they're not messin around as they already have their second show lined up to open tonight. This time, Dalek and Steve Seeley are the featured artists. Dalek's work is out of my budget, but I do enjoy it. I always enjoyed his space monkeys, but in recent past, he really switched his focus to a more pattern/geometric style with lot's of colors. It worked well at a show I attended last year as he had access to the space's entire wall. This time, his work is scaled down, and more accessible. Steves work is awful interesting. He likes his super hero's. And women. That's all I'm gonna say.

This weekend brings Meeting of Style's back to Chicago! LOTS of writer's in town for this. I'll let the flyer speak for itself.


Tuesday, September 21, Local Option's hosting a Three Floyd's tapping event. 10 taps total, including Ruggoop, will be flowing for us beer nerds, and quite possibly this year's Nemesis
(which is currently on tap at the Small Bar on Division) released less than a month ago from Founder's Brewing Company.


I hope I get to see or meet you all Wednesday. But if not, have a great weekend.


Friday, September 10, 2010


A new art season is upon us! There's lot's going on this weekend, and it'll likely be impossible to catch everything you want to see, so here are my personal picks.

Let's Hot Box! I love this concept. I saw Veggiesomething's show a couple weeks back, and instantly fell in love with this idea. It's a box truck. It's a gallery. It's both! A traveling gallery if you will, both inside and out. This weekend, the featured artist is REVISE CMW. I have a feeling this is gonna be stupid. STUPID AWESOME! It'll be driving/parking in and around Pilsen tonight (2nd Fridays!), and then in Wicker Park Saturday to party with this weekend's Renegade Craft Fair. Do not miss this one.

And speaking of Renegade Craft Fair, soak in the works of over 300 artists in one monstrous creative event. This could easily keep you busy for an entire day, so prepare thyself.

This actually opened last night at Columbia College's C33 Gallery, but it'll remain on display til October 14th. Artist's involved include: Klepto, Blutt, Brooks Golden (who's work's featured on the flyer), Stockyard Institute, amongst many others. It's nice to see a show like this. Show your support.

David Burdeny's showing his super crispy photographic landscapes at the David Weinberg Gallery, starting this evening. I love photographs, and I love skylines. I hope to make it over there before it's too late, or else I'll be disappointed in myself. I've never seen David's work personally, so I'm really excited to see these photos firsthand.

Sonar Festival! Typically held in Barcelona, has landed in Chicago bringing a plethora of sick electronic artists for us to feed on this weekend. I saw The Slew (featuring Kid Koala) last night at the almighty Pritzker Pavilion (for FREE of course), and it was well worth the money ;) In fact, I've never seen a show at the Pavilion at night, and it really is a completely different experience. That is by far one of my favorite venues for music (weather-permitting) in Chicago as the sound and sight's are second to none. Performances all weekend will be taking place there and many others spaces, so take advantage of this opportunity if electronic music is your thing.

Have fun, be safe, and most importantly, take advantage of all the great things going on this weekend.


Sunday, August 29, 2010 is officially online. We'll try our best at keeping readers up to date with what's brewing, both throughout the industry, and most importantly in our very own lab. Should be a fun ride!

Friday, August 13, 2010

What You On Tonight?

Tonight in Pilsen, it's the monthly Second Friday's. Lot's of galleries/studios open to the public for free. Specifically, stop by the Beer Run Gallery to catch Won Kim and Jarrett Spiegel's collaborative effort. Won says it's very different than anything else he's done. Goose Island beer's and DJ Intel on the beats... it's a no-brainer.

This is special. Stop by the Gene Siskel Film Center tonight for the 8:15 screening of Sharkula's documentary, Diarrhea of a Madman. This guys somewhat of a Chicago legend, and will show only once, so this is a rare opportunity. Should be good.


Boris plays at the Metro tonight. Get your face melted.


Thursday at Sheffield's, Goose Island invades for the bar's 30th anniversary. What that means is a lot of special beers on tap. Beers you will never see in bottles, and may never see on tap again. Chili pepper Bourbon County?? YES PLEASE.

Photo courtesy of LunaPark

Lastly, peep the production OS GEMEOS and FUTURA 2000 are working on in Manhattan. Why can't Chicago get these kind of treats??

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beer & Art

Low Dive is about to jump into our 20th beer brewed. We've made some great beers and learned quite a bit in the last year and a half. We're about to take the next step in doubling our normal batch sizes from five to 10 gallons. It's been fun learning, experimenting, and of course drinking these beers, so I'm excited for our next 20. Yesterday in fact, we bottled our oak-aged barleywine ale, Malevolence, clocking in at a hefty 17.75% abv. We brewed it on Halloween, so it was nice finally getting that in bottles. I suspect we'll try a bottle in a couple months, but the rest will likely be resting in the cellar to allow the alcohol to mellow and the flavors to balance out. But it did taste quite well I must say. Here's to hoping I get to drink our beer with each and every one of you in the near future!

I'm getting back to painting which feels good. More on that later.

Shawn Smith has a show opening at Oh No! Doom this Friday titled Monster March. Shawn's been doing big things lately, so I'm curious to see what he brings. Oh No! Doom moved into a new spot this year also, and if you haven't been yet, you should go based on that alone. Good people and a dope space.

Won is a good friend, and he along with Jarrett Spiegel have been working on this show for the last several months (when he wasn't cooking, Painting signage at your local watering hole/big-ass Whole Foods or DJing). I've personally not been to the Beer Run Gallery yet. I know a couple of the artists that run it, so I'm excited to see them along with Won's work.
Pay it a visit. I'll be there. What more could you want??

It's Midwest Craft Beer Month at all Binny's locations in August. Find your favorite libations or better yet, use this sale as an opportunity to try something new. ALWAYS SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BREWERIES, but more importantly, please support the entire craft/micro beer movement. It's certainly growing in popularity, but it could still use your help.

Half Acre
announced the release of a highly anticipated collaboration between them, Short's Brewing and Jonathon Cutler from Piece. I cannot wait to try this. Freedom of '78 (Pure Guava IPA) will be released Friday, August 6!

Jason Brammer
teamed up with sculptor Jason Hawk for a collaborative exhibition titled "Finding the Future" as part of the Pop-Up Art Loop at 240 S. State
tonight from 5-8. I think it's safe to say that their work will surely entertain.