Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things to do this Friday, 2.20.09

Some good stuff going on this Friday to tickle your fancy. Art and music!

Having familiarized myself with both MORGAN's and The Viking's work on the streets, I'm very interested to see what they offer in a "gallery" setting. Hosted by The Novem Store in Wicker Park makes it a little more interesting for me personally since I haven't stopped by to check it out yet. It serves as both a retail store and gallery. The Novem Store co-owner Adrian Vidaurre was quoted saying in the Columbia Chronicle, "Sometimes I kind of get lost staring at [the exhibit]. I’ve been staring at it for a while; it’s a pretty interesting piece to look at.”

As I mentioned last week, Jason Brammer's opening his first solo exhibition for 2009 at Eyeporium Gallery in Wicker Park which is located in Eye Want at 1543 N. Milwaukee. I promise this will be a cool show. His work is rather surreal, and can be quite large in size, especially his installations. He'll be painting live throughout the evening, and offering 3 rooms filled with his art and his new site-specific "eye"-themed installation.

Lastly, Yea Big & Kid Static are performing at the Darkroom. There hasn't been a YBKS performance I didn't enjoy. They really get into their music and the crowd, literally. It's not your everyday hip hop, hell it may actually have a different genre labeled to it altogether. Darkrooom actually has some decent beers available too if it matters any.

Don't let the weather stop you!!

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