Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things to do this Weekend, 3.26-29.09

Another Meat Number 5 show Thursday for the Tronic grand opening at Red Kiva with DJ Uncle El. Photos by Allison Glenn and live painting by REVISE CMW will provide something for the eyes while our ears are bumping as proven in Meat Number 5's new video:

As a part of the 2009 Southern Graphics Council Conference, hosted by Columbia College Chicago, came a nice collective effort from several local artists blessing skate decks as the theme. They've been displayed for about a month, and they're having a reception Friday to wrap things up as the exhibit closes this Sunday. The venue's at 1006 S. Michigan, 1st Floor.

Cody Hudson is opening a solo show Friday at the Andrew Rafacz Gallery in the West Loop. This is a guy who rocks both art and design very well. His skills and hard work have gotten him a lot of attention and credibility, and it's nice that he resides and works out of our fine city. I always enjoy the shows in this area, so I'm excited to see what he's been working on. Also at the Andrew Rafacz Gallery in Gallery B is a show featuring Corey Arnold's FISH-WORK, and was recently featured in Juxtapoz.

Okay people. Jason Brammer's Eye of the Future exhibition is wrapping up Saturday at the Eyeporium Gallery from 5p - 8p. I can't stress enough how dope this show was. The image above should be enough to convince you to stop by and see this guy's work. SERIOUSLY.

REVISE CMW opens his next solo show at Oh No! Doom in Palmer Square. This is a cool little spot sort of hidden in Logan Square. It almost doesn't need a show for you to still see good art as the walls are painted with some great eye candy, and they also have some shirts and toys on sale, but I'm excited for this show based on the concept alone. REVISE is good. Support him.

Last, but not least, something I'm looking forward to on Sunday evening at The Whistler is this bi-monthly design event named The Show 'n Tell Show that I'm just now learning about. I've mentioned this venue recently when Meat Number 5 played there, but this is entirely different. It invites local graphic designers and artists to display their work in front of an audience for critiques from local designers Mike Renaud and Zach Dodson in addition to Seth Dodson strangely dressed in drag as Spokes Mom? It promises to be funny, but also interesting to hear the artists chat on stage about the struggles and successes of a project from beginning to end. Great topics! Good drinks and laughs! Sign. me. up!

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