Thursday, April 2, 2009

Things to do this Weekend, 4.3-4.09

Nicole Gordon opens her exhibition at the Linda Warren Gallery Friday called SALIGIA. I love the colors in the above piece. The idea behind this show is interesting too. From the gallery's web site: Her exhibition depicts the ways in which the seven deadly sins have driven mankind to forsake the environment. Each piece explores consumer demand for excess and industry’s willingness to supply it, often despite negative consequences on the natural world.

The title of this next show ought to get some peoples' attention. Sandra Bermudez opens her exhibition at the Kasia Kay Art Projects Gallery Friday titled The Happy Pussy and Other Endings. They call Sandra's style feminist pop art, and yes, she's referring to that pussy. By the descriptions of her works for this exhibit, it's gonna be an orgy of sculptures, prints, etchings and more!

Also at Kaisa Kay Art Projects Gallery, will be Daniel Bruttig debuting some new paintings in The Project Room.

Saturday night brings Cut & Paste back to Chicago at the Congress Theatre. This is a design competition that tours through several cities finding the best graphic and motion designers and illustrators. Because it's based on a time-limit, I'm told not to expect anything mind-blowing, but it should be fun to watch. I don't know exactly what to expect with this event, as I've never attended one before, but I understand there's a DJ and drinks to accompany the competition at hand. Also a good place to meet like-minded people if you're into this sorta thing.

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