Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Studio News

After having my first public showing this past summer, I've been working on some new projects including a mural on some friends' lounge room wall. The wall itself is complete, but there's still a second phase that I'm currently working on. In addition, I have a couple separate pieces that both involve windows. They're adding the perfect new dimension with a style I used commonly for me and Matt's show Encode: Decode. I'm combining that with my next focus which are skylines. I moved to Chicago not so long ago, and absolutely love the city's skyline. It's a true inspiration for me which is why it's imperative my next residence includes at least a somewhat decent view.

One of the two window pieces (pictured above) will also include a medium I've never worked with, light. Fluorescent light to be exact. But instead of divulging everything to you now, I'll only share that much. I'm really excited to see it completed, but it's honestly been a slow moving project. I've been working on it more lately along with some other pieces, so it's nice to get back into some kind of rhythm.

Another project I'm excited about is my first collaborative piece with Tara Zanzig. It's a first for both of us in fact. I expect it to get more interesting as we each get more involved. It consists of two canvas, and we hand them back and forth every few weeks. I'll be getting them back any day now, and I'm very curious to see what she had done since I had last seen them. That excitement alone sorta makes this experience worth it.

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